First class or private session HALF PRICE!

Monbulk                    (03) 5968 5225

Wellbeing Coaching

During training or Skype Call

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Combines theory from Coaching Psychology, Behaviour Change and Positive Psychology to help clients overcome resistance to change. Greater motivation, self worth & outcomes for you – put yourself in the driver seat.

Free Weights Class

My holistic approach to training the mind, body & spirit

1/13 Kilvington Drive EMERALD

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Strength & stretching training
Energy Awareness through focus & breath control

Personal Training

Private sessions or Small Groups

1/13 Kilvington Drive EMERALD or MONBULK

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Fun & creative training for your results be they weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance. Clients will experience personalised coaching & training that is safe, sustainable, not overwhelming & their realistic results by having the accountability & motivation they need.

Alternative Therapies

Private sessions & Distant Healing

3/1569 Burwood HWY TECOMA

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My sessions are a grounded approach that assists the heart and body to heal itself. By working with the bodies natural meridian & chakra connections, balancing/clearing them creates physical & mental wellbeing. I work with crystal energy and their properties.