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Personal Training

Personal Training options are 1on1 or 2on1. Fortnightly weigh in & measures (optional/recommended), 4 weekly new programs (optional/recommended), full body scans that show ultrasound imaging scans of fat, muscle, hydration amounts & much more.

Personal Trainers & Gyms, take your people through our Obstacle Course, launching 2017!

Stephen Castle

Personal Trainer


With 24 years experience of Martial Arts training my students may receive a holistic approach to their self defence & personal development. Started Instructing with All Stars in 2007, opened All Stars full time centre in Emerald in 2013.

  • Coach in All Stars Boxing
  • Coach in All Stars Mixed Martial Arts
  • Sensei in All Stars Freestyle Goju Karate Do
  • Kru in All Stars Muay Thai Kickboxing
  • All Stars Self Defence programs & Life skill programs facilitator
  • Personal Trainer
  • Wellbeing Coach
  • Meditation Teacher

Your Mind is your only limit, our training regime offers a well rounded approach that supports lifestyle change & inspiration that keeps you on track. Lifting your strengths & assisting you with accountability to find motivation in your own Martial Arts journey.

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